Publishing Ethics

International Publishing House “The city in the XXI century” abides by standards of editorial ethics and Is making efforts not to allow their violation.

We are ready to cooperate with authors from Russia and far abroad, and to consider submissions (works) both from young scientists who are only beginning their way in science, and specialists, whose names are already famous in the scientific society.

“The city in the XXI century” aspires to spread scientific knowledge and leads an honest and open policy towards all the authors. Thus, the editorial board of the journal provides free access to all publications, unless the contract with the author presupposes other conditions.

The editorial board of the journal has a right to refuse the publication of the article in case of violation of the rules stated below.


The author guarantees that the submitted work is authentic (belongs to the author), does not violate other authors’ rights and does not interfere with anyone’s interests. In case there has been such an interference, the author guarantees that all the disputes with the third parties have been settled.

The authors must guarantee that the submitted work has not been published before and that this work is not under consideration in other publishing companies.

In its turn, the editorial board of the journal guarantees to treat all forms of creativity and intellectual property with respect, to observe the ownership of intellectual property in the pre-publication period, and further on, after the publication. “The city in the XXI century” guarantees that the work will be honestly published under the name of its real author, it will not be sold and / or published by any third parties or under a different name.

The editorial board of the journal is ready and eager to support the development of authors’ ideas. In case if an author has interesting thoughts and materials, but there are doubts on how to deliver them, please, contact us. The editorial board supports creative activity and helps to resolve questions related to it.

If the author has already published some materials like those, which were submitted to “The city in the XXI century”, it is recommended that the author informs the editors about it. The editorial board is ready to consider publishing alternative variants of reworked materials, which were published previously.

The works submitted to the publishing house must be checked for spelling and grammar mistakes and whether they are in line with the norms of the literary language. If the work is connected with investigations in the sphere of linguistics and folklore, and also if it is necessary for maintaining the idea of the research, it is acceptable to use dialect words and expressions, neologisms, etc. We also accept English translations of works and original articles in the English language.

Authors should respond to editors’ queries on time and submit the needed materials necessary for the publication without delay, because it is in the authors’ best interests.

In the submitted materials, the author does not disclose any confidential state or private information, commercial and other secrets. The submitted work must not contain any ideas or materials, which are prohibited for spreading according to the law of the Russian Federation.

In case if the author finds a mistake in the already published work, the author must contact the editorial board as soon as possible. If the mistake leads to losing and / or changing the scientific result, the author is to make every effort to withdraw the publication.

The editorial board is not responsible for the incorrect usage of links, i.e. words and expressions torn out of their contexts, when the author puts a different, or opposite, meaning into the original idea.

In case of direct or indirect quotation, authors should submit links to the used resources (including foreign ones). If necessary, the author should be ready to present a right to use the materials, if it is required by the owner of the quoted source.

“The city in the XXI century” recommends the author to check the submitted work for plagiarism beforehand. There is a number of websites sensitive even to the minimum of text borrowing. We recommend not to use techniques to hide it, such as grammatical changes, or changes of every fourth word in the text, etc.

Authors should realize that their scientific career might suffer if any cheating and plagiarism is revealed. In case it happens, the editorial board will take into account the position of each party and will study thoroughly all the arguments to make a decision on the future of the publication. The editorial board acts in an unbiased way and does not take into consideration any attempts to influence its decisions. What is more, the editorial board will not accept accusation of plagiarism, if the accusing party is unknown or acts inadequately.